Does this describe your situation?

-You just can't seem to get the distributors to perform up to you expectations
-You find its getting harder and harder to consistently achieve your sales goals
-You know that lowering prices and spending money on distributor incentives are not good long-term strategies but you struggle to know what to do instead
-You feel like unless you personally get out there and sell, the sales will not happen

Imagine what it would feel like to fully control your own destiny!

I understand exactly where you are coming from. I spent 34 years selling wine & spirits for some of the biggest and best companies in the business. I've seen first hand the capabilities of distributors diminish - especially in the last 6-7 years. Too many brands. Way too few distributors. Well, I bring good news because there ARE new methods and tools you can use and now is the perfect time to learn them (since you are probably stuck at home due to the shelter-in-place restrictions). I've helped many wineries and distilleries implement these tools and methods and I can help you too!
That's why I've created this course. Perhaps for the first time, you'll see and learn NEW methods, tools, and strategies to help you take more control of your destiny by bringing customers to you.

This online program is designed specifically to help you:

-Use digital tools to find new customers
-Build a relationship with them
-Turn them into loyal purchasers of your wines & spirits


>You are personally responsible for some kind of sales-related outcome
>You want to learn NEW tools and methods for increasing your sales
>You are tired of waiting on other people to take action

Small Brand Starter Kit Online Course Cirriculum

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Attracting and Retaining Trade Buyers - Ben Salisbury